M S I MSI Motherboards feature "Live Update" - MSI can update all of your drivers and BIOS right from a web site just like windows update.  Rock solid performance! 
A M D AMD Athlon CPU's are cheaper and faster than that one other kind... I forget what it's called. 
A T I ATI Radeon Video Cards - the way to go for Video.  ATI builds DVD decoding into every card they make, no need for a separate decoder card, and their performance is always rated at the top for gaming and video.
EPSON Epson printers and scanners are simply the best. My Stylus Color 980 will probably last forever and I am getting after-market ink cartridges for less than 10 bucks a set. (See Tyler Martin below : )
NetGear NetGear networking hardware - hubs and network cards - WIRELESS and WIRED!  I had some problems with Linksys and found NetGear to be a much better product of late...
MultiWave MultiWave is the best vendor I have ever worked with.  The site is easy to order from and they have awesome customer service.  In hint is to price the machine out separately and then using the "motherboard bundle" or "barebones system" features.  Sometimes ordering it differently can save you a few bucks.
Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin sells ink jet cartridges online for tons less than any store.  Why re-fill your old ones and ruin your hands, carpet, desk, wall, dog and ear canal when you can get new ones here - cheap and FAST!


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