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Nothing I say here should be ignored, discounted or disbelieved.

I would never expect anyone to want to hear my "opinion" so I will just state truth.

Web Logs are a waste of time, a trend I hate and most are created by morons who have nothing of any value to say.  Here is mine.

- 07/27/2008

Wow, only 2 years and 2 days since I have added anything.  Check my new business web site, Data Lake, and see what I have been thinking about and finally did.


- 07/25/2006

New Favorite Home-Made Drink: Half Fresca, half "Orange-Strawberry" Sunny Delight, over ice.  If I get real fancy, I throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hit it with the hand blender.  It's not as good as the drinks at the mall, but much cheaper and you don't have to wade through piles of teen-agers yacking on cell phones to get one.


- 07/24/2006

The only thing worse than another Utah sports team that has to end in "Z" is the "Real", which they want us to pronounce: "RAY-al".  Who would care about having a soccer team in Utah?  A boring imported sport like that would not have a chance of survival in this area.  Even mainstream popular sports struggle here; the WNBA folded and hockey and minor league baseball teams move and change names constantly.  The owner of the fledgling soccer team had the audacity - while the country is at war- to ask for $30 million in tax money (that would be your money and my money) to build a stadium.  He was turned down, which shows you just how stupid the idea is.  When a government that gives money to people for doing nothing refuses to give you money, you know your idea sucks.  Well, most people would get it, but this guy continues to look around the state for someplace to build a stadium and some fool to give him money to build it.  He is either goofy enough to think his idea has some merit or he is looking for $30 million so he can siphon off a million or two and then disappear like smoke in the wind.


- 07/23/2006

There is nothing more important to me than my family.  Raising children to be healthy, responsible adults is never easy, but nothing makes me happier than to see them stand on their own and succeed.  When they stumble or fall it is hard not to catch them and carry them, but it is better to offer a hand and help them up after they show the desire and ambition to get up even if no one is there to help.  My family has been very generous to me and continues to support me as I age (physically, if nothing else).  I will always be here for my children, as my family has been here for me.  I tell them what I was told: "I don't mind helping someone who is helping themselves."


- 07/21/2006

I have nothing to say already...  I will save space by not making an entry every time I have nothing to say.  Any time you see a skip in the dates, assume those missing days are entries which simply read: "I have nothing to say today".